Is it just the genetics or am I making so many mistakes

Strain; do not know, seeds came out of regular I had (wanted to see if I could become a grower)

Soil in pots, Black Gold Organic, Ancient forest humus, and FF Happy frog all purpose knee you little l

System type? Hand watering with FF trio and additionals according to their chart.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.7 to 7.0

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS (don’t know)

Indoor or Outdoor: Started outside then transplanted and bought inside.

Light system, size? Two LED bulbs medium

Temps; Day 80s to mid 90s Night 74 no lower than 65

Humidity; Day, High depending on temp outside,
Night normal

Ventilation system; Yes, oscillating fan during day and fan that acts as exhaust fan at night.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No

Co2; No
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My plants don’t look as lush and healthy as what I see on the site. I pulled back on the fertilizer and watered last two time with just water pH very close to 7.0

She was born first week of May. She’s showing hairs so is she in flowering stage or still in vegetation?

I’ve started one new one. It got four leaves it sprouted on 8/18 she’s outside on ledge.

I know I should order seeds which I plan to but I want to get this right first.

I appreciate any help or attention bec7like you I enjoy growing Marijuana too. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I had a previous post that suggested I was over watering so I let her get dry. She just looks weird and I’m afraid I won’t get any buds.

You can get a fairly inexpensive PPM and pH meter on Amazon for around 20-25 bucks those would be a really good investment considering all the time and effort already
-good luck


Your pH is a bit high. The soil’s pH at the roots should be about 6.5

The pH of the run-off can be a little lower, as long as it isn’t getting much below 6.2

The extremely purple or reddish color to the stems is hinting at a nutrient problem due to the pH.

Also mid 90’s is too hot, especially for indoor growing. You really don’t want it hotter than about 79*F at the top of the plants, and your temp swings are way too big. You don’t want as big a swing between day and night temps, not much more than about a ten degree difference.

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Thank you. For the diagnosis. But how do I move forward? Do I stop watering with plain water. When should I I add fertilizer again? I started with 16 hoping for 4 now I only have one. That u so much. The purple just happened after I watered. I wish I could put her back outside I had less problems.

I’m scared I’m going to lose her and we’re moving soon so shock again.

Since I’m seeing pistils is she in flowering she’s not strong enough yet.

Please excuse my niaviety what is this device and what will it do. What do the acronym mean?

I have pH up and down kit used for first time yesterday.

The water you give to the plant should be at 7 or below. And it should be adjusted to 6.5 or below if your soil’s pH is so high, to get the soil’s pH at the roots to be about 6.5

Also be sure to not be over watering.

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Thank you I’m only watering once a week now.

PPM is parts per million.

This is a meter to test the nutrient strength, the electrical conductivity of nutrient salts and minerals in the water.


Thank you. I will order today.

Thank you I’m taking longer periods between watering because the soil never feels bone dry. I have to admit I’m kind of starstruck that you replied. Thanks so much :dancer:. I’m afraid the buds won’t be good quality. It’s almost like it’s in permanent shock.

It will be stressed and show signs of it bc it’s most likely locking out key nutes she needs. You should water only when the top inch of soil is dry. Use your finger stick in the soil up to your knuckle as a test. Also I only feed nutes once a week and thats only after she has eaten most of the nutes in the soil. That’s why having a ec/Tds is so important. If she can’t get the nutes in the soil adding more nutes will not help. I would also suggest stronger bulbs. How many watts are you using??

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My plant freaked out at 6.9 ph
7.0ph is to high 5.5-6.5 for soil very important
To check ph and ppm but that first picture she doesnt look bad nutrient issues maybe purple stems


Thank you for replying. I am presently using three LED lights (12W 12LEDs, 12W 3bands, and 24W 48pcs this one seems weird so I tend to monitor it) she also is getting natural sunlight from the window) looking at numbers looks like a lot of wattage, must check. She’s doing so much better. After adjusting pH she’s looking like her old self. The purple veins are almost green. I do believe I overfertilized and over watered as she was outside I’m a smaller pot I was having to water alot when she was outside.

When I transplanted her roots weren’t very deep which I thought was strange since I was watering so often. Outside it would the soil would be drier now when I do knuckle test the top is dry but to knuckle feels like it does when it comes out of the bag. So I’ve been watering since the top was dry.

Hi, after adjusting the pH the stems started getting greener. I adjusted the water lower after I tested the soil which was very acid. Then run off tested at pH of 6.2. She’s looking so much better. Thank you for sharing with me.

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any time
When my girl was draining at 6.9 i water 5 time over a week at ph 4.3 to get it back under 6.5

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I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that.

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