Is it just me? Or do I have a problem?


I have been gardening and growing plants, decorative, vegetable, etc for 30 years. Now I am growing these girls. I have never paid more attention to any plant I ever grew before. Is this normal? Do I have a problem? :slight_smile:


Lol, these plants do need a lot of care, they’re very finicky. Of course, you want to grow good weed too, so you have to pay close attention to them without over loving them.


You’re fine :smile_cat:
I visit the girls each am and pm
Say good morning/evening and let them know how proud you are of them!
Not weird at all


For the most part just look. Don’t touch. I’m on grow #6 and it took me a couple to learn to admire but not obsess. I usually look in on both flower and veg rooms once a day to make sure nothing disastrous has happened, but I stopped spending a lot of time there. It’s something I’ve learned from experts here like @garrigan65. The main thing I’ve found is don’t over-water or you get all kinds of problems like gnats and root rot @Beachbound


Once they really get going, I tend to spend 1-3 hours each day tending to them. I don’t plan on spending that much time with them, but I just get caught up with them. Sometimes, I just open the tent to stare at them for a few minutes, just b/c. Ok, fine, look, I do that about 15 times a day.


I had those question too, like dear @raustin said, they do need extra attention if you want to be rewarded properly … … :wink: !

I only can say that I m on your feelings too… I m still in that stage asking myself is it love or obsesion? :smile: ‘cause I do more MJ than wondering out in the wold!


I catch myself just hanging out in the grow room. Tending to the plants is relaxing and rewarding. Every time I look at them I see something new. I’m kinda OCD about some things so that doesn’t help. If it make you happy and it’s not hurting anyone or distracting you from normal life, then there’s no harm in it. There are worse things to do.


I’m the same way; I’ll find myself going out with a pair of scissors and remove a few old leaves and examine/admire them and sit with a cup of coffee and smell the bouquet wafting off of my girls. It’s very Zen.


Me too my friend. My wife had joked with me this year, “how do you motivate a stoner. Give them a cannabis plant” lol.


That’s so freaking true.


The hardest thing to do, on harvest day you murder her.


I prefer to think of harvesting as the ultimate fulfillment of the plant’s destiny.


Yeah, she is on her way out anyways, and provides for us.