Is it harvesting time for white widow autoflower

Hello everyone this is my first grow ever so I’m a super newbie, I was wondering if it’s time to harvest I’m growing white widow auto in AeroGarden it’s 63 days old
I’m growing two plants one plant I know for sure it’s not time yet but my other one some of the bud areas are showing brown trichomes And some areas cloudy its hard for me to tell the percentages but looks kinda like a 50/50 trichome but again I might be wrong I’m using the digital scope, it’s hard for me to keep it still to get a good shot but anyways I took some pictures And videos hopefully they good enough to tell, I’m hoping there not ready yet cause I didn’t start my two week flush yet, I’m so afraid to ruin the flavor and effects and again please excuse my unprofessional pics and vids I got pics and vids of trichomes and whole plants so you can see, now my lights are scheduled off right now so I had to use my phone light and scope light to get the pictures so if needed when it’s daylight I can take some more, and also when I’m finished with everything one I have them cured and it’s complete I will do a diary also I took pics from beginning and along the way I just wanted to wait till I was complete to post a diary thanks for reading and any suggestions you can give me

I can’t upload the videos I tried


@Woodyv. At only 63 days You’ve still got some time left.
When did they first show pistils ?
You have to check the buds themselves for the trichome shots as the small sugar leaves will amber up before the buds.
Looks like another couple weeks at least.
And welcome to the neighborhood. :wink::call_me_hand:


Thank you so much, I started noticing pistils beginning of week 6 from seed,

when should I start flushing

First. Just to clarify. You are currently at 63 days from seed ?
Or 63 days from pistils ?

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Its 63 days from seed

Ok. That changes things a bit.
You have to add that 6 weeks of veg time to the advertised flowering time to get a closer realistic finish time.
By the sounds of it you’re only at 3 weeks of flowering now.
So you’ve got a few more weeks to go.

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Ok, thank you so much :blush: :pray:

More than welcome. :+1::v:

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you have buds like that 63 days from seed??

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do you have any pics of 30 days from seed? what lights are you using? what nutes? soil? have you tested any of your buds yet? this is pretty interesting to me

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@kaptain3d look at this! auto 63 days from seed

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Holy crap! You’re not kidding! :star_struck:
Gorgeous plant sir! Bravo! :+1: :fire:

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these pictures are 29 days from seed im using aerogarden bounty
i was using 2 lights in this picture the viparspectra 600w led and the sansi 36w but now i use 3 lights i added in a cheap walmart 65w led just to give a litte extra at the bottom.
as for nutes i use flora series, calmag and hydroguard i followed this feeding guide until the readings started not matching chart then i started adding on my on giving a little extra if needed to get the ppm right and the ph, i use ph up or down which ever is needed most of time i just use ph down because i use distilled water and the distilled water starts off with a neutral ph of 7.0 i actually dont use much of ph up anymore only in beginning now after adding nutes if my ph gets to low ill add distilled water to bring it back up to 6.0 ph, i keep my ph as close to 6.0 as possible anywhere from 5.8 to 6.2 but most of time i get right at 6.0 the aerogarden is great but the only problem small reservoir like a gallon, im only growing 2 plants in it and thats almost to much lol when she matured she started drinking alot she stays thirsty everday i have to fill reservoir up if i dont it will be bone dry she drinks a gallon a day.

i wanna thank all of you on here because thats what got me this far just reading post after post i should have made me a login from the beginning, i would just get on and search whatever i needed to know, so thank you guys very much :pray: :pray: from here on out ill be needing all the advice i can get :blush:
i took some new pictures this mourning so you could see the whole plant the room im growing in is a spare room not being used just storage so i figured why not, i use a portable ac to control the temp and i use a scrubber
excuse my taking alot of photos i tend to take to much lol i get over excited with the pics
Uploading: IMG_7353.JPG… Uploading: IMG_7354.JPG… Uploading: IMG_7355.JPG… Uploading: IMG_7356.JPG… Uploading: IMG_7357.JPG… Uploading: IMG_7358.JPG…

@Woodyv, for your first grow I would give you an A+!! I know @Oldguy told you that you had a few weeks. I trust his judgment, but you said one of the plants had tricomes that were brown. I would check Robert’s harvest guide. Sounds like that plant may be closer than 3 weeks if the tricomes on the actual buds are already turning brown. The other plant may be 3 weeks out. I mean absolutely no disrespect to @Oldguy, as he has a lot more experience than you and me combined. 63 days does sound early time wise. My blueberry took about 13 weeks, and my buds were no where near yours. I am reading a lot of posts here where most autos are taking 12 weeks or so. The thing that’s boiling my noodle is you have tricomes turning brown. If those tricomes are on the buds are turning brown then you should be very close to harvest. (imho)

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Thank you very much for commenting and compliment , to be honest I didn’t think I would get this far with the AeroGarden and having no grow experience, But I figured I’d give it a try I’m very glad with the results so far my biggest fear is ruining it the closer I get to the end the more worried I get with Harvesting to early or to late or the drying and curing process, I gave these babies a lot love and care and getting to close to finishing it to ruin it at the end that’s my kind of luck😂

The brown trichomes are on the sugar leaves, every time i looked at trichomes with scope I thought the sugar leaves is what you looked at and go buy. that’s my rookie mistake :joy: but thank god I got y’all on here now I know, after @Oldguy told me that I decided to take some more trichome pictures this time focusing just on the bud,This is what I got

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@Woodyv. If you could pick up a jewellers loupe or something that would magnify 40-60 x then you’d be able to see the trics clearly.

Something like this would help.
10-12$ on Amazon.

@Oldguy Just ordered me one thank you sir🙏

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@Oldguy got my jewelers loop in snapped a photo

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Lookin good @Woodyv. :+1:

Edit. I can tag you over to my journal if you like. There’s a few grows there but you’ll get an idea.

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