Is it Harvest time.?

Hey guys, i’m at week 9 and +2 days today. How does my plants looks ? Do you think it’s time for harvest? Will it gets more in yield if i wait a week more?


Have you examined trichomes with loupe or some other magnification device.

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They look premature to me. Most look at least a week from harvest. Check the tricromes under a jeweler’s loop or something like that, there should be no clear ones, all milky, and at least a few amber, I wait till mine have a lot of amber because i like couch lock weed. If you are looking for a more speedy buzz then wait till the first signs of amber and pull.

It’s all clear at the moment. But do they still growing in bud size/dense for the last 1-2 weeks before harvest?

Yes, they will Fatten up very nice Keep up the good work. I would keep a close watch on the trichomes

Thank you guys👍