Is it growing at a good rate?


I put the plant to germinate on 30th Sep, she’s 2 weeks and 2 days old, is she in a good grow rate? I see other plants grow taller but she kept short is it normal?


I’d say you’re looking pretty good. You’re growing with predominantly blue wavelengths, node spacing will stay tighter producing what’s typically a short bushy plant. It’s generally thought to be a good thing when growing indoors.


Tbh it’s a full spectrum led light, the camera captures mostly blue light, but well that’s great since I don’t a lot of space right now.


Which light?


Viparspectra 400w


If you were to look at the light spectrum provided by it, you should notice a higher intensity in the blue wavelengths than red. It’s not a bad thing, or necessarily good either. It just kind of is what it is.

Full spectrum generally refers to providing light from the 400 nm wavelengths through 700 nm wavelengths. It doesn’t specify the amount of light provided at each or specific wavelengths individually. The vipar’s are know to be blue dominant and produce that tight node spacing, just as you see with your plant. In a similar grow with a light that had higher intensity in the red wavelengths, you would see a taller plant with bigger gaps between nodes. It’s commonly referred to as stretch, and is more pronounced when the red wavelengths are more dominant.

Long story short, you’re all good. Most growers would prefer your situation over a tall stretchy plant, especially indoors where height is limited. I was just trying to help you understand why.


Thanks for the great insight mate, I’m trying to get into this kind of stuff and I learn bit by bit, yeah I would agree that this is the best for now with a 40x40x100cm grow tent, it’s quite a small one :frowning:


You’re welcome! Small isn’t always bad, it’s easier to maintain.


That’s what she said :wink:


Its growing nice :+1:t2: very healthy form that pic