Is it finally farewell to Black Mold nightmares for interior pot growers?

After suffering major bud loss each grow season and unable to control the RH% in my double glazed greenhouse I followed Prince33 advice and bought a dehumidifier here in the damp western UK.

This de-humidifier has a built in Sterilising Ioniser made by Samsung which kills the Botrytis spore and you can recycle the water it pulls out of the atmosphere.

It usually lose enough bud to black mold every year to what this cost me.


Good luck, bud rot sucks!


I am impressed as all hell with this machine, I have 4 weeks left to go on a single Bergmans Auto Gold Leaf and I shall report back to one and all how it all works, bud rot wise out. :star_struck:


What’s it keeping your RH% at?

I set it at 60% and after I finish this pipe I will lower it to 55%, but you have a wide range of choices to choose from :star_struck:

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Do you have a “third party” gauge to know what you are actually at?

Just because it’s set at 60% doesn’t mean that’s what it is achieving!

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yes I do and they match each other also the RH% settings are in increments of 5 between 40% -70% :heart_eyes:
Its now set at 55 RH%, any thoughts if this is correct ?



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I did a pH test on the recycled water from the de-humidifier and it read pH 8.4 :astonished: