Is it female or male

This plant has been in trans for 13 days, I can’t tell whether its male or female. It was given to me so i don’t know the strain. I’m looking at other post in your forum but i can’t tell. While you looking at my pictures, my plant doesn’t look healthy, what do you think?


That would be a male from what I can see on my phone.

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I’m not for sure but the last pic almost looks hermi but there are definitely pollen sacks on there


looks like a hermie to me

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She looks like a girl to me … I c pre flowering , but can’t tell for sure… Get closer pics of main trunk…


Definitely parts on the plant that look like seed sacs. Its hard to see with the image provided but yeah male. My condolences.

Sorry for the earlier post but after better inspection it is a boy…:cry::angry:… Sorry for the bad news…


Definitely showing male traits, sorry bud.