Is it essential to cure the buds after harvesting?


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Is it essential to cure the buds after harvesting?


Unless you are going to render the plant for edibles, you will have to dry your harvest at the least. Following proper drying will give you a smoke able product. Curing may not be strictly necessary but usually is greatly improved. Also, potency can go up with a good cure FYI.


I think it is if u want the best smell and taste.


Yes smell, taste, smokability, and quality of pot all can be affected by cure or no cure. After its dry, cure it for a week or 2 and you will start to notice subtle changes


Nothing you do to a plant after it has been severed from its root system will increase the thc content of the buds.Many people grow great pot taking all the care in the world and then harvest some beautiful buds only to ruin it with poor handling , drying and storing practices. A good long dry and a proper cure will preserve as many of the thc gland heads and terpenes as possible. A cure also helps get rid of that fresh grass taste associated with non cured pot, changes and enhances terpene profiles and makes the buds suitable for longer term storage. The perception of an increase in potency is due to changing terpene profiles and the entourage effect of cannabinoids combinig and taking on new profiles. Look after your pot, dont handly roughly , dry well and cure. It will be the nicest weed to smoke.


Try curing some proper and some not from the same plant and you will never not bother to cure again.


Curing is probably the most essential part after drying. That’s where your buds ferment. The dry and cure is what makes or breaks the bud.


It’s when they continue to dry, albeit more slowly. Fermentation will ruin your bud - unless you like smelling and smoking ammonia. But that won’t happen unless you don’t “burp” your curing container. Poorly dried and cured weed tastes and smells kind of like alfalfa, and smokes harshly.


It was a term more or less used to describe curing, I didn’t mean a literal fermenting of the buds.but buds can definitely be fermented,


How do you burb?


You just put them in the jar and once a day open the jar for about 15 mins, then after a week you do it every 2 days or so. You’re trying to bring the moisture out of the center of the buds and get them as evenly dry as possible.