Is it enough light to grow?

I will start my first growth soon. Since I’m a newbie and I’m only going to grow one weed, is it enough that I buy a 3x3 tent? I have a light with 4000K white light, 5000K warm white light, and 660nm red light.

Is it enough or too much?
What else equipment should I have?


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It’s good enough for one plant if it is indeed what BESTVA advertises its capabilities and components are; however, a lot of growers have a hard time trusting BESTVA given their history of misrepresenting their products. I would rather have an HLG Diablo 200 at that price.

Consider pH and PPM meters as these are very important for managing a grow. Use the search feature and the grow guides here on the site to help you learn.


Thank you for your help, this guide really worked for me!


:point_up_2: great light @Nicole7