Is it dying? new grower

It was planted a week ago why is it leaning. What’s wrong with it?


Hi ur plant is stretching for the light u need to to plant that peat pot deeper in the pot and u need to give that plant some light either with sun light or a grow light and it looks like the seed husk is still stuck on the leaves of the plant how u take it off is you carefully spray it with water and use a pair of tweezers to carefully pull it off with out hurting your plant


I would say wicking off. How high are your light?

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shes still young man easy fix, like the fellas up top are pointing out your plant may need more light or the light lowered. “but keep intensity/heat in mind”


Agree with all, I would remove some of the medium in the pot and plant that jiffy puck and young seedling 1/2 up the stem :love_you_gesture:


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Also, use separate pots for each seedling. Your next post will be asking about separating them.


Welcome to the neighborhood. Your baby needs more light :bulb: and she will be fine. You should prop her up on something until you can transplant her to a bigger pot. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Peat is pretty dense. I suggest you remove the cloth wrapping when transplant. Simce stretching I personally would pot her now…cover at least 3/4 of the stem. Just me.

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Welcome to the community