Is it better to make seedlings stretch before 1st LST?

It sure seems like my typically bushy autos in the first 3 weeks would be a heck of a lot easier to LST if the nodes were spaced out more.

Should I reduce the light to make them stretch more the first few weeks then go to 100% after that?

I seem to have very little branch to work with.


The only thing I can think of is either raise your light or dim it.


I run my light as low as I can in the beginning to try to get good node spacing and turn the light up once I’m done and they start to stretch to keep the nodes closer together on the actual colas. The strain actual has alot to do with how they grow too so it’s not a perfect technique but definitely helps


What strain and what kinda light you got on it?

Raise the light and or dim it and raise it as posted above. :+1:


So yeh I can raise it or dim it but if I do that early von only, is it going to negatively affect anything in the end is my question.

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Less light intensity or more red light will help increase node spacing.


I grow with my lights full blast at the top of the tent. Also had to grow at 50% grams intensity and have had no issues so far. In fact this is the first time I have lowered my light about 1/2 the height of my tent. :+1: