Is it a male plant?

The plant is female but I believe I see male flowers, so possibly hermaphroditism.


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I was thinking the same as @AAA, but if that most recent photo is a close up of the area that he called out, then you may be okay. It’s still very early and you will want to inspect more of the plant for possible pollen sacs. I always go over mine every couple of days during the first few weeks of flowering to make sure as well. Not a big risk, but a hermie can happen, particularly if you are growing from bag seed.

Some of the baga have some pistils out.


100% sure those are male flowers.


That’s a pollen sac.


You got a gay plant :joy: …not funny but funny… A trans…plant - get it…looks like she’s outside, any more around it…if so brake out the chainsaw! Vroom vroom . Sucks to get it to flower and have that happen. Did you stress it or is it from Hermie seeds maybe? Anywho time to drop some mo beans partner. Best of luck and happy growing!!!

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I threw away 2 hermies a couple of months ago. I know what it feels like. Sadness!

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I hate it when they turn into Tranny Planny’s :-1:

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Is this an open polen sack?

3 weeks flowering. Removed all plants that showed male signs. Better safe then sorry. Should I be concerned?

Tranny Planny…grrrr that’s what I was trying to think of… LMAO

Yep, open sac=pollen release.

@CAgrower…I just tossed 3 plants that started growing nanners. On 1 plant they opened up. This was at week 4 of flower. I’ve read sometimes the pollen can be sterile, but chances are slim. No more nanners and plants look good, won’t know if I have some beans till the end. I feel for ya…it blows for sure!

Bag seed?

Clones from a friend.

Question 1: this was not on my main room. Had about 10 plants on it. Were all pollinated likely? Room has a fan.

Question 2: if I take these plants to my main room which has AC and more light can they take pollen on the leaves and pollinate the others? Can I clean them somehow?

Question 3: how do I know if a plant got pollinated? So I can dispose it.