Is it a male? Outdoor, no hairs yet

So I’m growing random bagseeds outdoor and I have one that’s showing white hairs but some that’s doing nothing…

I believe this one is a female but correct me if I’m wrong

This one was right next to a male that I cut down a couple days ago… I’m thinking it’s male too because no white hairs? It don’t look like it’s making seeds like the male I cut down was but still no white hairs nothing… thanks for any help

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Too early to tell


Alright thanks helped a lot first grow… I was gonna get rid of it because it wasn’t doing anything. I’ll try putting it in more sunlight one more question do you know what time it should start showing signs?

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Once your days are shorter than 13 hours or so. Unless it’s an auto. Then she’ll do what she wants, when she wants.

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Alright cool thanks for the welcome & heads up I’ll keep an eye on it lol


I should also stare that even if your days are shorter, she won’t flower until sexually mature.


To be Frank I see a mix of what could potentially be female and male parts - I.e. first photo seems female, second seems possibly male, 4th almost definitely male.

Not sure how many plants you have but if you can post up pics with numbers on the pics that correspond to the plant,‘I’ll have an easier time helping you cull the males.


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Thanks for the welcome & help guys :sunglasses:

Ok so guys I have 4plants 3 in one pot and 1 in a white bucket… so the first picture I took was a week or two ago of this plant

The plant in the picture above is plant 1 in these pictures

I think that one is a female but I dunno about the other two plants. These are pictures of #3 and don’t know if it’s good enough pictures or not

This is plant 2 which I don’t see much of anything and I’m just thinking about cutting both of them down because they ain’t doing anything

And for the 4th that is in the white bucket…

Didn’t see any new parts that’s different so I just went back to the video but if it got both male and female I think I’ll just chop it, Thanks for the welcomes and help guys greatly appreciated

Also I didn’t plan on leaving 3 plants in one pot but the roots grew pretty darn fast🤦‍♂️ I would love to make room

Plant 3 is definitely female. 2 is undetermined.

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Alright Thanks for looking appreciate it :+1::sunglasses:

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