Is it a male? Help me decide

Found a seed in a jar of high grade Gelato. Is it a male or female, I can’t tell yet. What do you think?

A little too early to tell. The plant should show within the next week or 2.

@Project61 Is it regular or feminized and i keep eye on this areas you can see a little of something you you can zoom in on it

I don’t know if its feminized or regular. Thanks, I’ll keep watching it.

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Cool, thanks

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Looks suspiciously like a male, but I’d definitely wait 3 or 4 days to know for sure.

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Hi all, here is a new photo taken today 5.21.22. I’m still not sure if its a male or female. It is about 12 weeks old. Any guesses?

Bumping for a better view

Looking like a female to me

Thanks @SilvaBack203 much appreciated.

No problem at all…

Happy growing