Is it a hermie?

Need some assistance identifying if this is a hermie or not. Not sure how it could have happened as it was an AK-47 clone, healthy, no light interruption and everything else in the tent is a clone of a female also. Freaking out a bit.

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Week 4 of flowering by the way.

Looks like a swollen calyx to me. Nothing to worry about

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Thanks, just did a bunch of Google searching and think I was freaking out. I was sure they’d be female so I wasn’t too worried, and got out my microscope today to check out the trichomes and saw that, it freaked me out.

When I saw my first swollen calyx I freaked out also!


An hour of manic freaking out, removing plants, google searches, texting friends…

The added stress of it being 2 hours before lights out didn’t help.

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I agree, just some swollen calyxes

Thanks guys!