Is it a hermi? Never had a hermi, I don't see pods

blue dream end if week 5 flowering. Coco coir with 30% perilite. AN Sensi coco series with big bud and overdrive. Never had a hermi before. This is my third grow. First pic a beautiful blue dream bud, second pic suspected

I do not see any nanners (pollen sacs), If you only put one picture in a post it will let us magnify it larger.


the Blurple pics r a waste, we can only see blurple,
turn off the LED and take white light pics.!!

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As @Holmes states single photos in natural light please @Highoklahoma

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not much light when the purple is off

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Congrats man its a girl, and welcome to IlGM forum. Enjoy!


What light system are you using mate?

Thank you. I just looks different than the other 3 plants buds. But it is in the back, hard to get to and was not pruned as well as her sisters. I let it get over crowded. I have some beautiful Bergmann’s gold leaf going also.


I have a 2 1500 watt LED full spectrum in 5x5 tents.

using SROG


You’ll see something like this you have a hermie.

It also sticks out like a sore thumb.


Nice looking grow!

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The bud development just looks a little spindly, i didn’t see any sacks either.