Is it a good time to flip. Not sure what preflower is

Just want a little guidance on if these should flip. I have trained them constantly due to my height restrictions. I am assuming this is preflower in the palm looking areas. Also is lolipopping something I should do to this? Much thanks in advance.


For the space you have I would go ahead and flip


I second that. The one seems to have some kinda deficency the sativa type looking leaf the fat leafs look happy but the one with the light veins and curld tips needs some addressing asap


Keep in mind that these plants can easily double in size first few weeks of flower. A good way to look at this is when about 50 % of your available grow space is occupied, flip to flower. Like other have mentioned something up with the plant front left, almost looks like to much light or heat stress at some point.

Edit - Lollipopping is when you remove most of the lower growth that isn’t receiving light. Best to do a quick search make sure this is something you want to do.


Thx for the feed back. I will flip them today since its :football: sunday. I screwed the small up by excessive flush on day when my run off ppm was over 3200, in coco loco. I transplanted to a new pot a couple weeks ago, an just letting it tag along. The 2 big ones were in degradable coco coir pots.

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Should I go ahead an feed then bloom or should ph water only to allow then to adjust to 12/12 :new_moon:
Lastly, should I train one more time before bloom I see new growth that I could probably pin down.


Nice looking plants , Usually takes 7 to 10 days from, flip till you actually see it start flowering. I would stay with the veg nutes for at least another couple of weeks. That will support the growth going into the stretch mode. Just my thoughts good luck


I second @kellydans with feeding veg nutes through the stretch then switching to bloom. As to your training question. The ball is in your court. In my opinion LST remains a fluid situation through early flower before the stems harden too much. You can train more now and wait to flip. Or flip and continue training. I had the mindset of a “final” training before the stretch on my first grow and I let one plant get away from me causing issues. Should have stayed on top of it.


Know one else sees the defifiency in the sativa dom. Look at its top veiw u wanna go into flower at good health its the basesis for your whole grow

Not sure I follow are you referring to the smallest of the 3. Should I remove it just to avoid a herm situation?

No i wouldnt 86 her i would take a few focused pics of her in diff angles and ask whats wrong with her she might want more magnesium calcium… She might be jumping into flower faster and be starving for phos. Or potass not all plant strains have same demands whats good fof the goose isnt almlways good for thr gander

And yes the smallest by a little and definetly the lightest in color

Didnt realize it, but there is tremendous new growth since I transplanted. I think a lot of the vein leaves are dying off. Should those be pruned to encourage new growth?

This from 9/15 a week after transplant.

Yes and no if damage is done yes but fan leaves I heard the plants solar panels / food banks and if you lose too many of them you will lose photosynthesis ability and flush purpose but your leaves are definitely showing heavy canoeing and some leading tips are turning down turning brown light on the edges overall light and coloring hard to say as long as new growth stays alright it shouldn’t be too much of a problem but still it’s not a hundred percent and it might fizzle out in the middle of flowers what kind of nutrients are you using and at what strength I’m not the best at identifying deficiencies but I’m sure someone can list the chart so you can see what you are symptoms are compared to what each element does when it’s in excess or hungry but maybe u could do a lil flush on her and reset her she might need pampering shes definitly different then the others

I’m using the Dyna grow regime. W/hydraguard. I think overwatering it when I flushed it cause the damage, but when I trans planted there was no root rot. I also think when I flushed I released a lot of the amendments in the coco loco, an that led to a overdose of nutes. That was about week 4 or 5 of veg. Since then it has recovered, but the leaves show the stress it endured.

Not getting lighter? The green light f it its just a plant u can groe more

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Should I do more training pr is this normal growth starting. I just flipped 3 days ago an see a lot of new growth under the canopy.

Flip away preflower is when u see pistils or sacs forming easyily distinguishing before wasting your time to grow pollen sacs un intentionally looks good from far… At the base of new growth ull see an elongated sac for female those are pre flower calyx …round sacs and i mean round as a ball those are preflower pollen sacs male or hermaphrodite in the making

I am just looking for some confidence. I am starting week 5, and just wondered is this how it should be looking.