Is it 12/12 or 2700k kicks in stretch

What causes stretch? Is it the time or kelvins? I have a c99 at 5 weeks and she’s squat. I want to get the stretch.
I’m hooking up LEDs today and read that they help control stretch. I have a CFL flower box, but it’s flowering an auto at 18/6.
The simple solution is to put auto in new grow area, but she stinks and not able to hook scrubber to her. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!

Plants only stretch when looking for more light . Keep your plant in veg. Stage until it gets to half the hieght you want it they will get 2 to 3 times taller then the are durning flower


C99 has huge stretch when switching her. Up to 100%. I have small area and this sativa is a grower

Both contribute to stretch, the length of the dark period, as well as the color to the light, more red light means more stretch, and a flowering light with a well balanced amount of blue will help limit stretch.

Not intense enough light will also cause excessive stretch, as noted by @Phil61

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Cool. I’m going to put her in with the auto to start her flower. Oh I’m excited to get her flowering.

@MacGyverStoner thanks shes tiny, well lst’d flat

No matter what your plant will “stretch” in flower because it’s growing buds now. This is a good thing :v:

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This is my trained c99. She’ll be 5 weeks tomorrow.

I want her to stretch and stretch

Lol put her in a hydro setup and she’ll explode! :v:

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Soil for now. Maybe later do hydro again

@ktreez420. Um me brain not function. Hydro light. Duh. I need to put j down. I’ve got the nla under it now. What would be better the crazy CFL or LEDs for max stretch. I’m thinking running her clf’s for 2 weeks 18/6 then move to LEDs.