Is humidity or heat the better option?

I’ve got my grow tent inside a small closet, so I’m thinking about getting a little a/c since the temp can get into the lower 90’s. Problem is that is going to increase the humidity towards 90%. I’m assuming that the high heat would be worse, but wanted to get another opinion on it.

An ac lowers humidity

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I’m talking about one of those tiny, portable ones that you have to put water and ice in for it to cool. It puts out misty air that raises the humidity.

Waste to try in my opinion.

It produces a cold mist that doesnt change room temp

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Heat can be a killer. Humidity is manageable.

The tough part will be in late flower. You do NOT want to have high humidity when the light(s) shut off. It’ll condense when the temps drop, and increase your chances of bud rot.