Is hermaphrodite genitic?do i have bad seed?


One problem after another .12 clones went hermie on me .pulled those ! Put mum ( from seed ) in bud mode 5weeks in she does the same thing .any ideas ?




I don’t see any nanners. Do you have any pictures of the clones you pulled? Are you sure they were hermie?


Thers 1 on the end of that snapshot


Wow it zooms right in


Yeah I see the little bugger more than likely you might have a light leak somewhere , that tends to be the issue whenever things like that happen or you’re just letting the plants go too long , mine tend to hermi out after 12 to 13 weeks of flower but that’s only for some strains… some people think you can cause this by overfeeeding or over stressing the plants I’m not really sure about that I tend to disagree a little bit and I’m only speaking from trial and error…



Light leak would be the first thing I would look for
stand in there with the light off and lights on outside the grow room
Check the timer too make sure its not turning on over the 12 off I
I have seen this on mechanical timers when one tab is just down just enough to turn on for 15min.
and its hard to see
Some plants grown from seed just go hermy with out any stress too
I had a good skunk I got as a clone and was nice smoke and yielded well but would grow a few nana’s early in flower
I would pick them off and it wasnt a problem after that. But they were in the lower plant not the top


Just for the record; “Hermies” can be caused by heat stress, cold stress, and poor or inconsistent grow methods. For future re:


I figard that . I tend to underwater than over water.some strains harder than others . Can genetics alter over time with cloneing ? Maybe adapt under diferant climates ?


If feminized seeds turn hermaphrodite will they produce female seeds only? Thanks.


You don’t want her seeds. You’ll wind up with the same thing…Hermie plants