Is heat affecting germination?

Im trying to germinate seeds in a grow closet in my garage located in NC. The temps are 76 in the morning and 96 afternoon with a 24 hour average of 87. Humidity average is 70 (range is 48-94%). A few have popped their heads up but wilt over and die shortly after.
Do I have a heat problem or seed problem?


Bring em inside to a location that holds in the 70’s and you should be fine. A couple of drops of 3% peroxide in distilled water is helpful in germination.

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Yes anything over 85 in the germination stage is gonna make things difficult. They start to stretch and wilt. I suggest an 18/6 light schedule so they can get some rest. Keep them moist. Do you have a humidity dome for them? It greatly increases their chance of survival because the High humidity, they don’t have any roots when they first sprout so they have to get their water from the humidity in the air.

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