Is growing right for me?


living in a new state and not having access to bud is frustrating. I’m now in the tourist sector in Central Florida living apartment life. By taking all the precautions I’m still concerned that an indoor grow may be easily discovered. if in my shoes would you make the attempt?


I guess its all up to how bad u want some free bud, and if u are a regular smoke or what. So if i was in your shoes and could not find any bud at all, then u dam rite i would find Even if i had to walk to the nearest wooded area.


In a apartment complex, you will have to be absolutely sure you can control the smell. Also I would be very worried about Florida’s laws, although it may get passed in November, as of right now you don’t even have the possibility of being registered as a medical patient in case you were to be discovered. I honestly can’t say what I would do in your shoes.


I advise you throw a neighborhood BBQ. :oops:


You might want to take a look at . It’s an easy/stealthy way to grow and as a plus, it’s quite cheap compared to small tent setups. Also, if you’re worried about the smell you can use a carbon filter (you can even use a DIY one) and/or ONA gel. Take a look there, there are lots of different setups/tutorials. Most people that use these want either stealthy grow and/or can’t spare the extra space needed for growing.


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!


Space buckets are a good idea easy to build I made 1 for my brother as a Thankyou gift because he does alot to help me as I am confined to a chair I used 2 60 litre black plastic bins lined bins with Mylar installed exhaust and carbon scrubber and a 300w 10 band full spectrum LED and used a small black plastic storage box and small submersible water pump for irrigation. He loves it because it fits in his wardrobe and nobody knows it’s there and there is no light leaks and because of the carbon scrubber there is no odour I think it’s a good idea if you need stealth or have limited space!