Is Gold Leaf photo no longer avail? hi

I don’t see it any longer!

Looks like new stock expected next week :metal:


Gold Leaf is a great choice FYI.


My 2nd year, it was stellar. Can’t wait to dive into it! Making FECO as well. Glorious.
This WW is pretty damn magnificent too :heart_eyes:

Hi I was wondering how to post. I cannot figure out how to post, only to reply. My question is about the Gold Leaf. I bought 5 seeds from here and grew 2. They are totally and completely different at harvest. I was wondering what strains are in their lineage. The same things happened to me when I bought seeds from San Fran. They were Lemon Stomper seeds and I harvested one lemon stomper and one chemdawg.

Sorry I’m new.

Go to upper right corner, click on 3 parallel lines to right of magnifying glass, pick a category, click on + New Topic and create new topic. I hope that this helps.

The gold leaf was great. Very crystally and very sticky to trim.