Is foxfarm ok for promix?

I have the trio is it ok to use in promix? (It’s too late if the answer is no lol)
I don’t have “grow big hydro” I have regular grow big.


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@Hogmaster I forgot who used ff

There are a few people useing promix and fox farm nutes you should be ok :ok_hand:

I’ve used them both what’s up I currently use pro mix but I used to use Foxfarm

Never mind I scroll up a little and read it yes you can use your Foxfarm nutrients in promix


It’s on sale where I’m at I can get for cubic foot for 10 bucks a bushel normally 20 bucks


@Hogmaster should I follow soil or hydro feeding chart?

Soil is what I would follow and I go full strength on my nutrients the pro mix has none I personally never use 1/2 strength on my nutes


Dude you want a great premixed super soil try Michigan marijuana mix. Just add water nothing else…

honestly for media i use Berger BM 6 HP or ASB Greenworld professional growers mix/ASB Greenworld Original Growers mix and all 3 are like Promix HP but no Myco, water flows threw nicely and have not had any issues so far as the 2 ASB products are pretty similar.

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I mistakenly put the wrong promix in my pots currently my flowering. It holds way too much moisture and is a nightmare I can’t wait for this grow to be over

the berger bm6 hp is 30% perlite with a PH of 5.6-6.2 and the ASB Greenworld OG mix is 15% perlite with a PH of 5-6, both come with a fertilizer Starter charge, and im getting the 107L compressed bricks of the ASB Greenworld Original Grower mix for $17 each when normal price is $37.99 Cdn and have yet to find a solid connection for the Berger BM6 Hp so i cant post prices…lol