Is foxfarm a super soil?

Getting to now a lot about soils but there so many of them different types brands etc

I want to make my own soil so I no what’s in it

I read the organic super soil chart earlier in week and it was really helpful to me being an organic freak and all

I would think foxfarm is a supersoil because it’s doped up of fertilizers already we don’t have to use nutrients till a couple week after I transplant

Reading on this site a lot I see a lot of people use fox farm ocean forest happy :frog: seed starter etc

Iv been doing a lot reading on this site a lot since I’m in lockdown cause of the. Iris and all

Foxfarm is super hot :hot_face: that’s what iv learned is that a good thing or a bad thing? My personal opinion it ain’t good cause you don’t know how long those fertilizers are going to last than iv I use other fertilizers on top of it you risk Burning :hot_face: up your plant I’m known for that so I’ll make my own

Ocean Forrest is not a super soil. They refer to it as “hot” because it does have quite a bit of nutrients in it that when used to start seeds can cause issues with the seedlings and that’s why you want to use seed starter mix for that stage which doesn’t have as much nutrients in it. Fox farms makes a seed starter soil called light warrior. Once the plant has passed the seedling stage and can handle the OF it is ready for those additional nutrients that OF contain.
OF is good for about 4-6 weeks without having to add any additional nutrients and the time depends on how big/fast she grows and how big of a pot you put her in. Bigger pots will have more soil and therefore more nutrients available in that soil for her to use which will extend the time.
Super soils are designed to have enough nutrients in there to complete the grow without adding any additional nutrients for the most part.
There are many recipes to make your own using a base soil like OF as your adding additional nutrients so it doesn’t run out while growing.
There are also companies that make super soils that you can buy without having to purchase all the needed nutrients to build it yourself.
Many choices for prebuilt or building your own.
Kind soil
Purple cow Organics
SoHum soil
Michigan water only soil
Buildasoil and so on.
All are pretty much made to go through harvest just watering them

All their web sites have additional details as they aren’t all the same as far as process etc.

Hope this helps

@Skydiver that sounds good skydiver I’ve wrote all the soils down you’ve Gabe
Me I’ll do some searching on the eternet

I :heart: growing marajuana would carry some pretty good soil I got a a lot of looking to do so many choices to choose from​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Do you make your own soil from scratch? Skydiver

Yes and no…I’ve built super soil using Roots Organic Original (like the OF) as a base adding in my dry nutrients I’ve purchased over the past year or so to it using others recipes with a few modifications.
I’ve never truly built the base soil myself using my home made compost from pile outside as I use that for my garden.
I’ve used Kind Soil for several grows and I just ran across this yesterday that I think I’m going to try out for several clones I have going that are currently in small 1 gallon pots.

This looks promising as it’s basically a premix of nutrients that you mix with your base soil of choice like OF or roots Organics or any other cannabis friendly base soil you buy.

The package states it is enough to set up 25 gallons or for example 5 five gallon pots.

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@Skydiver I looked at that last night for awhile when I see it butt that’s just regular old soil three times in that picture who sent

I use regular soil than top it off with the organic super you sent me a picture of that’s a small bag@skywalker

The bag of soil in the pic shown above could be a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forrest or roots Organics or any other cannabis friendly soil and is use as the “Base” soil that you will use and mix the super soil concentrate with for the bottom third of the container…mix it up well and then fill the rest of the pot with that same “base” soil of choice without using the concentrate…

The small bag contains 5 lbs of the nutrients
You use 1 lb of that per 5 gallon pot mixed with the cannabis friendly soil filling 1/3 of the pot. Then you fill the rest of the pot with JUST the cannabis friendly soil. The top 2/3 of the pot will feed the plant enough until the roots reach the bottom 1/3 where the “super soil” is and that will feed the plant for the remainder of the grow

A bag of OF or Root Organic are 1.5 cubic feet of soil and that equates to about 10 gallons of soul so 1 bag would fill up 2 five gallon pots

I got it thanks I’ll write it in my journal for later usage on my next growes

Since you brought it up…how many “gal” does a 8L bag of ffof make???

10 gallons of soil would fill up two gallons fabric pots

1.5 cubic feet of soil