Is Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic?

I am wanting to switch soil but stay organic. I’m getting mixed signals about Ocean Forest. I have read that it’s organic but some are saying it has fertilizer in it or a spray causing it to be hotter than in the past. I’m wanting to start new autos and need some advice.

Ocean Forest is not an organic product.

I’m not sure I would plant seeds in OF. It’s a pretty hot product and some do have problems starting seeds in it. Autos can be particularly sensitive to high nute levels.

I would go with a less hot soil like Happy Frog, but you will likely get varied opinions on this.


Good to know, thanks. What about Roots Organics?

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That’s why I mix my own soil. I know it’s 100% organic…

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I agree there is conflicting info concerning FFOF being organic or not. The bag doesn’t say it is so I’d say it isn’t. If it was they’d have it stamped all over the bag. FYI: Some of their nutrients aren’t organic either.

I’m not so sure about Roots Organic either. Feather meal probably came from poultry industry that feeds chickens GMO feed. Soybean meal could be Roundup ready laden with pesticides. I don’t know.

If it has the OMRI stamp I think you’re safe (maybe) otherwise I’d keep looking.

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For true organic soil I use bio bizz

What soil do you suggest we use

I suggest bio bizz Max and light mic it’s all organic along with there nutrients

Here’s my Northern Lights Auto from ILGM at 97 days in FFOF start to finish

Here’s my current grow. Amnesia Haze Auto from ILGM at 18 days FFOF again

Whatever works I guess.
HAPPY GIRLS!!! :blush::v::blush:

Thanks for all the responses. Nice ladies Old Gypsy

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