Is flushing a most requirement before harvesting?

Rookie grower here just asking a very basic question is flushing really necessary before harvesting??everything and everyone that I have talked to and looked up says that the plants should be flushed about a week or two before harvesting but I’m really concern with the amount of water that would go into the plants,…how come when they get flushed the excessive amount of water doesn’t hurt the plant?

its necessary to clear the synthetic nutrients out of the bud. if you smoke bud that wasn’t flushed properly itll have a harsh smoke. also the water volume doesnt hurt the plant because its not longstanding water so it wont cause bacterial or fungal overgrowth

Won’t hurt the plant to flush. Think about the amount of rain some of the Asian plants get at times. I have flushed 2 to 3 weeks before harvest in the past, but I just stop nutrients for the last couple of weeks and give water only @Weedchef

If you haven’t fertilized, flushing is not necassary.

If you fertilized, better flush…if not…horrible nasty skanky taste.

Your choice


I’ve had unflushed product and it tasted like pinesol and was so harsh it burned my throat.

You dont have to flood the plant for a final flush!!!
You really need to feed with ph water the last week or two. Just let the plants use whatevers built up in the soil

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Wat if your using bio buzz organic all natural wat would you say flush no - flush at 2weeks- flush 1week cause I have been doin flush 1st time round then I tried jst water in the last 2weeks which was fine as well I’m thinkin it is more for the a and b products and chemicals one if any thing wat u think :thinking:

I use earth juice nutes. They’re organic. I still flush at least 1time before the 12/12 flip, and at least one time before harvest. At 2 weeks before harvest it’s not going to hurt anything.


I just read something about the plant been trimmed around or after flushing time for the buds to absorb more light and better air flow for bigger a better buds how much of truth is there to it?

Plants get trimmed during veg n flower to let light into the lower sections and increase air movement. Look up Super Cropping

Stop whatever you’re using 2 to 3 weeks before and finish with water or water and molasses like I do. Superior smoke. I don’t smoke much because I need the power of edibles, but I want a smooooth hit @Shuggz

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im dealing with this now. how does one know they are 2-3 weeks from done?

Loupe and whatever trichomes you want to take them at.

i think trimming down low is called lollipopping and super cropping is branches are bent

but the loupe will tell me when they are ready, how do i know when they are 2-3 weeks from ready

That comes from reading a bunch of threads and the Grow bible. If the trichomes are clear, it probably will be at least a month. If you want them at milky, start using water as soon as they turn cloudy.

ok thats advice i can follow. :+1::fist_right:

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Try to make a chart wen u start yr to finish and wen u do 12/12 jst mark wen and number the days so u knw wat day yr on

it was hard to track because im growing an auto. it went into preflower and flower without my help. i have a range but not exact day

I believe branch bending is referred to as LST.