Is ff soil conditioner any good and cultivation nation nutes

is ff soil conditioner any good and cultivation nation nutes

I used all Fox Farm products in my last grow. Very good quality products in my opinion.


nice what strain is she

I haven’t tried the FF Conditioner yet. I do use all FF products. I just for the Dirty Dozen and I had to order the Kelp me kelp you and wholly Mackerel. Hopefully those two nutrients show up this week. I really want to see how effective this line truly is.

I normally use the FF 3 liquid trio and the 3 soluble powders. This last crop with 2 of my 3 plants yielded one plant 96 grams…the next was 318 grams and the last one is drying but I an expecting at least 1 lb off her.


My wife is holding Cookies Kush. The one in the background is Diesel #1.

I used the liquid trio + Bembe + the powder trio.

if i grow in the ground wirh liquid trio do i have to flush like the schedule says

Flush in ground? I’m not sure.

I can tell you what I do.
I follow this watering pattern:

  1. Cyco Silica + Fox Farm trio
  2. Plain water
  3. Cyco Silica + Cyco Ryzofuel
  4. Plain water

Ryzofuel is concentrated Tasmanian Bull Kelp. It ain’t cheap, but if I could only use one nutrient/additive, this would be the one.

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are u in soil if so is it store bought
and what kind

I use fox farm Light Warrior for the seedlings.

When I transfer into 5 gal smart pots, I usually switch to ff Ocean Forest, but last year they were sold out, so I used Mother Earth “Groundswell” performance soil. It was really good…I’m tempted to use it again this year. And I top my soil with a hardy layer of perlite. It helps retain moisture and repels pests. (Little bugs hate walking across perlite for some reason.)

When I transfer the 5 gal into 35 or 40 gal smart pots, I use the same soils and feeding schedule.

what would you go with as a cheaper soil im kinda limited

You could look at Home Depot. I would imagine that you can get a pretty big bag of potting soil for $5 to $6.

why would u only use tyzofuel

Why would I choose Ryzofuel (if hypothetically limited to a single product for my grow)?

One of the smartest growers I’ve ever met summed it up like this:

“Plants like seaweed.”

what do u use for mold and bug control going outside this year