Is everything in my room looking good for setup?

i got a 4 inch carbon filter on a 6 inch inline fan with speed controller (i have the 6 inch fan on low because it seems overkill)
i have a 6 inch booster fan for inlet pushed 240cfm
i have a humidifier that controls humidity by itself keeps it within 5% of what i set it too
i have a/c going and its hard to keep humidity in my room when fans are going and drops to 45% at times but i try to keep it 55 at least
i have a 315cmh grow light in the middle and 4 leds rated to 600w a piece (only draw 125w true power)
any advice for improvement?


Lookin good my fellow cultivator… :+1::wink::grin:

What lights are you using? Nice looking plants!

2 are galaxy hydro 600w off Amazon it’s what I started with I added the 315 cmh which I was given with new bulb and ballast. The other 2 leds idk much about since I bought them from a guy
The 2 leds I bought draw the same wattage as galaxy hydros at 125w a peice, tested with wattage meter
All add up to about 850w of actual power draw
I actually have a few problems with my plants that I made a t about, I was ph-ING to 5.5 and it caused alot of problems

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Thanks tho :+1::grin:

looking good. One thing people always forget. smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. You never know.


Looking great. Nice set up. :+1: :grinning:

You’re off to a great start, very nice.

Here is a product that I highly recommend especially if you grow in a tent in your house…
And no they don’t sponsor me…

For a couple hundred bucks , it could possibly be the best investment that I hope you never use… :+1::wink:


ill be buying this today. thank you.

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Did you finish your grow with your galaxyhydro because I bought a 2000 Watt it seems to be working well I just want to know how it finishes out on the flower end and your room is impressive

I finished with a 315cmh and 2 galaxy hydros 600ws
I pulled almost 3oz off my first plant ever. Of course it wasn’t grown great, nute burned to hell cus I was given the plant and was feeding it nutes when it had fertilizer in the soil (it was a outdoor plant)
I have to say the gorilla cookie came out amazing though. Got very dense nugs

So you’re saying your Galaxy hydros work well with a burp lights cuz I have a 2000 basically putting 2 palnts under it

Oh ya 2000w should be more than plenty for 2 plants. Probably could grow more if you wanted.
You probably could do 4

I’ll look into that, thanks

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