Is everyone harvesting or what?

So is everyone harvesting or is it just slow in here? Seems like everyone is busy or could be that I am bored.


I’m pretty busy trying to get all the delayed outdoor summer projects completed before snowfall. That, and battling bud rot.


I know my list is big for outdoor projects as well. I have all kind of ideas but no materials to make them real. Bud rot boo. that sucks.

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I’m thinking it’s TIME :sunglasses:


Looking good! How are the trichomes looking?

No amber…somewhere between clear and cloudy…overnight temperatures are scaring me a bit

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They look like they could use more time. Post only one picture of a close up so we can get a better look. The cooler temp will add some nice color to her.


Looks like fall is creeping up on you too.
I’m thinking oct 15th-20th for my harvest. But temps get dicey in oct here.



Leaves are still wet from frosty dew this morning

Had to cut these, battling bud rot.


More or what here, got a few weeks to go.

Yes, a little at a time, battling bud rot.

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I’ve been struggling with bud rot and mold for almost 2 months now. Sucks! Weather is atrocious!

If you can, give them more time. They have lots of bulking up & ripening left to do, yet.

yo @Countryboyjvd1971 you busy harvesting or what? Havent seen you around much. Hope all is well.