Is curing necessary if product will be decarbed for edibles

Most of my crop is dedicated to edibles. I do keep some of each grow in an amber mason jar with humidity packs. But since I decarb most of it for edibles, could I decarb it immediately and vaccuum seal it in bags for later recipes? Thanks.

Potency is reported to go up during cure so for that reason alone I’d say it’s not necessary but a good idea. If doing edibles you might even try a decarb of the green plant material and omit the dry phase.


I decarb right after trimming and never have any complaints about my edibles.


Are you using just the trimmings or bud also? Do you have any go to quick recipes you’d care to share thanks.

This sort of agrees with what my thought is, if terpenes do not matter, and in edibles they won’t as you lose them in the process of cooking, then curing does not matter so much. If you flip what ILGM here is saying, then smoothness, etc, is only for smoking. Now, that said, I wonder if you decarb it a bit first and that speeds up the process some? I am assuming you aren’t curing as you are ready to use the harvest and not wait.

“If you aren’t planning to store your marijuana, curing is a matter of preference. It is entirely possible to produce good marijuana without it; however, for the best quality, it is a must. Many believe that cured buds produce a smoother effect, stronger potency, and better taste. This may be due to the processes effect on terpenes and cannabinoids. Still, others prefer green marijuana and avoid storing their harvest.”