Is creek water good to use


I have been using water from a spring fed creek for my dwc bucket grow. I get some silt in it, but figured it wouldn’t hurt. Any input would be appreciated


So you’re already using it? How are your plants doing? How about a pic in natural light. @Grandaddy013


not natural light, but before I screwed my ph up. Ot seems to be doing great, but I’m a novice


I use pond water and she loves it!!!
Assuming it’s not nuclear runoff , or otherwise tainted then by all means,free water​:+1::+1:
Oh yeah she’s a beauty :sunglasses:


Like @Nug-bug pointed out, in theory unless you live down hill from a leaking nuclear waste site or even an old dump or down hill of a pasture of farm animals or something it should be fine. What is the ph of the creek water when you test it?

Your plant looks good. I do see some spots on your lower leaves that look like they might be trying to tell you something? If they are old then no worries but if they are new and getting worse you might outta do a support ticket.


Welcome to ILGM. Just realized you’ve only been on for a few days! Hope you are enjoying all of the grow journals and such. there is a lot to read here. Always something new going on!


Only input I’ve got is: Georgeous!


I use lake water and my ladies luv it. your lady looks good :+1: and welcome


Welcome, keep doing what your doing you can’t beat results.


If there was a significant problem with the water, your plant would have shown it long, long before now.


@Grandaddy013 looks great buddy :wink: