Is cmh 630watt enough lighting for 6 plants?

A question of a fellow grower: Please tell me if cmh 630watt is enough lighting for 6 plants?

It’s probably good enough for a 4x4 space with the light falling off on the edges. Now whether you can fit 6 plants in a 4x4 is your choice, I’d grow just 2 big plants in that space

That depends on if it is actually 630w or if it is a light advertised as 630w but is actually about 130w…

I don’t be believe the cmh lights use the same innacurate marketing. 630w=630w.


What is a cmh light?

Ceramic metal halide

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Cmh lights are like hps or regular metal halide. If they are sold as 600 watts, they are 600 watts. It’s basically like a lightbulb in a streetlamp @Whodat66

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6 plants will get a little cramped under a light of that size due to the limited foot print as mentioned by another member here.

You can do it but, I would maybe use 2, or get a 600 watt CMH.

Depends on how your growing style and how quickly you plan to flower

If your growing in a sea of green and keeping the plants small and flowering quickly, this light would work great for you.

If your growing in a screen of green style, and growing larger plants and flowering later, then you might might be pushing the limits of that light.

This is a smaller light than what he has @latewood hps maybe?

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Im going to try a 630 DE setup next go round in my 5x5. I have gotten nice results with my 600 hps so i figured i would give the 630 cmh a shot and see how it compares.


I recommend getting two 315w cmh grow lights so you can spread out the lights some and have a bigger footprint

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630 cmh has higher ppf than 600 watt hps. Not sure what that meant, probably didn’t see it correctly.

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Anyone here know if ipower is a good light

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Not enough info from you for us to help


I think 630W light can work for 4’x4’, but if you grow 6 plants, it will be crowded.

Im using an ipower 600w light with dimmable blast in a cooltube for my 3x3 tent

It’s all about square feet, not the number of plants. You can actually grow one SCROGed plant in the 13 square feet that light would support, or you could grow 24 tiny SOG plants by flowering the seedlings immediately. Cannabis is a weed, and it will grow any way you let it, a tiny shrub all the up to a tree.

Thank you @1BigFella my plan was to just scrog the one plant