Is Clackamas county oregon


Is Clackamas County in Oregon good for growing outdoor cannabis and if so which variety is best suited for this area? Thank you,


Oregon? You are pulling our legs right? Home to fields and fields of outdoor growing cannabis. Any strain can grow in your area if the right season or you take some precautions that the plants don’t get too cold. All marijuana and all plants developed and grow outdoors in the wild. There are some strains that are more resistant to really strong sun and higher temperatures and maybe some that do well in really cold temperatures, in general hazes/sativas are better for lots of sun and heat and indicas a little better for cold, as well as the autoflower hybrids liking the cold a little better than the others. Our seed shop has some boxes you can check to help narrow your choices, but given the right precautions and being aware of your weather in your area, you can grow pretty much any one of our wonderful strains in most places in Oregon.


Really? Yes. Any strain you want. As long as you have time to finish.