Is checking trichomes progression on a section of foxtail ok?

I was planning on snipping a small section of the cola off to check the trichomes under a cheap WiFi microscope since it will be easier to focus. First off would it be ok to snip a very small portion? Secondly if it is ok and I choose a small foxtail portion would it show the same progression of trichomes as the rest of the cola? Sorry, noob here. Thank you community for all your help!


Looks like a week or so.
I don’t see any Fox tailing. But I’m not looking on the best screen either.
Looking good!!

You have a couple of weeks to go minimum there.

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[quote=“MO_Grow417, post:1, topic:67932”]
snip a very small portion?

Trichomes on foxtails will always be less progressed than those on main colas. I usually just cut them off.



Here is a photo of the trichomes I took on Friday under microscope with a mic stand (a trick I picked up on here). It was a little tricky because of the lower quality stand I have with adjustable teeth.

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Tips just turning milky. Guess all depends on what your looking for in finished meds.

How long does it normally take for trichomes to progress? May not be definite answer to that. I have a curing tent that is suppose to be here tomorrow. Just didn’t know if I was cutting it close or not. Looking for about 10% amber from what I have read. Tomorrow starts week 9.

To many factors to give exact time. Just keep a close eye on them and chop when your happy. You will see the amber heads pop out like a sore thumb.
Like I say, a week or so. 1 week to 3 weeks

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This answer is directly in line with the strains flowering times. If there wasn’t anymore foxtailing, I would say watch the Trichomes every few days. Since there lots of white pistils yet, I’ve had strains that look milky like that until the foxtailing is finished up.
Hope that helps. Your grow may vary.

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I’m with Covert on this one I’d wait until those pistils are 90-95 cooper/orange… still tons of white even in the lower end of the buds.

3 weeks is a fair estimate based on pictures, id start checking like Covert said every other day after the next week and half or two…

Nice looking colas though, and they’ll fatten :grin:


Sounds like I have time to get my tent here and set up and climatized before I chop them. When should I do a final flush if at all? I think I am going to try 48 hours of darkness on this one. There are 4 more to follow. This has turned out the best so far though. Thanks again everyone!

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