Is buying seeds illegal?



Hello everyone! I just found this site and i am absolutely astonished. How is this site not shut down? And also how can i order by being anonymous and how much anonymity does this site offer and how do i know that i am not going to get arrested once it arrives?


It’s not illegal to purchase seeds. Now what you do with them is up to the buyer. This site is gonna get you the seeds without anyone knowing.


Not only will they get you seeds, they’ll get you the best seeds. Send cash. No worries. :+1::beer::wink:


I was nervous the first time I ordered seeds online also but since then ( last August) I am getting ready to harvest my 2nd grow and waiting on my 6th hassle free stealth delivery. Billing is even confidential and they offer a completely anonymous cash option that just takes longer because you have to mail it to them first . Good luck


@Restaki If we knew where you were located, Country I mean or State if in USA then we might be able to advise better.
If you are in UK then purchasing seeds is not illegal. If you try to germinate the seeds then you cross the line. Buying Seeds online (home or abroad suppliers) is both discrete and safe in UK.

Hope that helps Buddy. Let us see your first seedlings as soon as they’re up :+1:


This site is 100% legit ! I have been purchasing for several years here and no problems. They have methods of paying that are non traceable and work. Sending cash sounded like a bad idea but I needed seeds and I heard the genetics here were great. I had no problem getting my seeds then or ever !