Is bud rot purple when dry?

Hey all ! I over dried my bud first grow ever and before I found this great forum also chopped early due to spider mite problem with I found out ladybugs dont work. My question is…is bud rot purple when dry the plant didnt exhibit any signs when chopping, hanging ect. But there is purple parts in the buds. Is this normal?! 1620507753527312013514257936957|375x500


Not usually.
It’s mostly gray and fuzzy or whitish too.

The purpling in your pic looks like its temperature related or a genetic trait.

Got any pics of a whole bud before grinding ?

Heres a couple more pics

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What strain?

I dont know what strain it is. Someone gave it to me so I used it to experiment for my first grow. I’m just worried about smoking mold haha. I was told it was good stuff thats about it.

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Looks to be some sort of purple strain. If went longer prolly would habe been some good smoke. Captain jacks dead bug supposed to work well for mites and can use thru flower also.

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Here’s one of my nugs just a few weeks into cure.

And here after loosely breaking it up

Plenty of purple in there. :wink:
Definitely no mold.
It’s actually sort of a desired trait in them.



Hey @Vegeta420 here’s a couple pics I downloaded of rot from an article I read a long time ago

bud-rot-mold-cannabis cannabis-bud-rot-mold-symtpom-is-yellow-dying-leaves-sm


Thanks @Mark0427 I’ll check out that mite stuff for next grow hopefully wont need it fingers crossed. @Oldguy that’s exactly what it looks like thanks for the pics I feel alot better haha. @MeEasy luckily my plant did not look like that thanks for the reference pics. I’ll be posting when my next grow goes outside I have 4 white widow fem and 5 gscx autos aabout 5 to 6 inches tall all ilgm seeds. so far hardening and slowly lowering light to match day length outside so by June 1st. Thank you all for the help this forum is great.


It doesn’t look to be bud rot! Just some nice purples inside a nug👍