Is booster good for entire grow, without extra nutes?

in delta 88-2016. AND THIS TIME OF YEAR ID HAVE TO PUSH MY RAIN WATER UP INTO A PILE- sorry key stuk - and melt it .ha . been wanting to ro for a while now u n state now??

Ya have been sence 1985


cool beans

Do you have any picts using this formula. and what are the strains??

This is left to right there three of ea.

Super Sknuk

Northern Light

OG Kush

I can get you his feeding Schedule if you want


Check these treads out

Marijuana Booster, unlike any other nutrient line out on the market; Is formulated specifically for marijuana. End of story. :slight_smile:

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Well that link didn’t work worth a dam…sorry about that.
I’ll find it for ya and re-post
Latewood, he was asking for or looking for the feeding Schedule to Roberts nutrients. We didn’t nor were we saying that his products weren’t up to par to any other products…
I was trying to point him in the right direction to purchase Roberts nutrients and link him to the schedule.
By the way I found the link…here ya go
Bud booster and maybe some of the THC booster as indicated for about week 5 in the booster feeding schedule:


I checked around for ya and I couldn’t find any other outlet to help you receive Roberts Nutrients any quicker. You may want to double your order at first and when your almost done with the first 3 bottles out of 6 of nutrients order another set of 3 that way you won’t run out.

Robert’s nutrients by far has given me the most resin produced , stickiest buds ever , and some really big dense buds after curing properly , and the smoke is phenomenal . But if you was to used ILGM nutrients with Advance Hobbyist level , you would be ecstatic with the results , size , flavor . Now if you used Robert nutrients in veg , and advance and humbolt you would love the rewards of some of the biggest hugs I’ve seen , but read your N.P.K. Levels on all the nutrients you stated and put them in the Lucas formula accordingly and used your ppm 's in the right ranges in feeding your plants properly and you will be amazed of such efforts !!!

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EASY now :slightly_smiling: as iam sure your ware that advanced nutriants claims the same thing “and their snobs a their site” and you can quote me lol .i currently use their products , BUT they can get complicated to simply use their recommends products . and was looking at Roberts as a stand alone replacement . but i do live in ALASKA and their on the shelf and Roberts is not ,AT The Moment … iam looking at simplifying. not Disrespecting ,read a few more of my post’s and see for your self , BAR NONE this is one of the best sites i attended. don’t get ur hackles all up on end .kind regards from the interior of AK

I didn’t say that in a negative way Sir , I was just stating why I choose those products , being a rookie you have to read lots of different blogs on what’s products give the best results , and that’s the nutrients I guessed at and had great success . Robert nutrients helped me big time on my very first grow and my brother I stress that plant badly , 2 out of the 3 died and the one pulled thru and finished . But by no means Sir I was hackling .

Referring to latewood .sorry

No Yoshi,

I believe he was talking to either Latewood or myself not you my friend your all good here Yoshi…lol
Any way thanks for posting that.

Hammer, its all good my friend. I’ve been here in this fourm now going on 3 yr’s or more. Its the only fourm i’ll be associated with.

I was just trying to find…(1.) The schedule you wanted and (2.) The nutrients and getting then to ya cause I do know how it is up there


I have no worries. Here is an observation that I have become aware of, and have wondered about for some time.

The Formula posted, and the measured EC of Booster solutions I have mixed seemed to be weak. On other hand; I see that Robert recommends growing his genetics at a lower EC/PPM level than most conventional growers.

I find creedence in this theory due to the fact that the best tasting and most potent pot I have grown was using less nutrients than what is used by most growers.

So many growers want to juice up their plants; When in fact they are merely loading them with so much minerals that you cannot that no amount of curing can better the taste.


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Thanks Late,

Thats exactly what I preach here to who every asks.
I agree with you 100 % and thet fact rhat it affects the curing as well.
If you don’t mind I’m going to copy and paste what you posted for future reference.
Once again Thanks


In regards to Advanced Nutrients. I am one of the earliset members on the AN inner circle. Been a member since 2005.

Used a bunch of different systems from AN.

my conclusion: AN in general, copies other major nutrient company formulas, and adjusts it; Claiming the AN formula to be better. AN has too many different formulas due to this fact, and thus, confuses the shit out of everybody. In a lot of cases growers end up double dosing their plants and having bad results.

I blend and make my own hydroponic solutions for my greenhouse, and one thing I can assure you of; You only need one good formula mastered by one good grower to find success.

The rest is whoooey! :slightly_smiling:
p.s. I take no offense from any of you. I am happy to just get along. Opinions welcome. Peace


thank you late wood . you hit on what i was getting to . as A/N is overly complicated… So in stead of adding Roberts products to them "A/N " i was thinking of using Roberts nutes and boosters ONLY . wasn’t trying to disrespect the forum, you or Robert . but i have 700 ppm well water. so i have a limited range of how much i can add . i used A/Ns at 3/4 strength and burnt roots bad . AND i am always looking to improve my grow technic ,materials etc. Hence my new make over. lighting. nutes .more vol air pumps etc… AND best of ALL solid genetics from Roberts. PS would you care to share you secret recipee for your hydroponics formula .??:grin:

Oh Boy. Hammer, You really need an Reverse-Osmosis unit; And a case of replacement filters. 700ppm? Really? I would have that water tested, and find out what the mineral makeup is. At 700ppm, you probably could get buy with little or no nutrients added.

However; There may be some metals that are more prevalent and perhaps you would have some imbalance…

You do know to mix in additives 1`st, and grow or bloom nutrients equally until you reach target ppm; Right?

I am doing a grow using Marijuana Booster as an additive on top of my DutchMaster Advance A&B + Silica, and Zone for reservoir control. I add a tsp. per 4 gallons in my bubblers.

As far as my nutrients; I sell a blend of my A and B along with the necessary chelates, etc… to make Micro. All comes in powder form, just like I mix it in my Commercial reservoirs. One smaple kit makes 300-500 gallons of solution. You use A and B as you go, and add all the micro to a gallon of distilled water and keep that in a cool dark place, to be used as needed.

My nutrient solution mentor now works for Canna Nutrients.

Clarification: I still use DutchMaster for my MMJ grows because, I bought 5 liter bottles, and have a bunch left. I also love this line of nutrients. My personal Custom formulas are used in the greenhouse. I have done some side by side, but it got too crazy to experiment on more than 1 formula in my smallish grow space. So, now I just grow my Meds.

Happy Growing, lw


That’s cool to know.