Is booster good for entire grow, without extra nutes?

I have been growing for 3 years, shooting from the hip, with good results. Learning from you has actually hurt my grows. (Iblame myself not you gurus) One question for you. Starting with miracle grow soil, adding just water for 2 months them starting with booster. This is all I need to raise my girls without any nute blocks? I think I need just to check my water ph though, but should everything work fine? Am growing in soil because being afraid to go hydro. What are your thoughts, Please.


Checking ph is definitely a must both in and out going I will leave the rest to the experience

What soil are you wanting to used ? Miracle moisture control right ? I’m not exactly sure of N.P.K. Levels in this soil medium but you can vegetatively grow a plant 2-4 weeks in this soil without any fertilizers additives until week four (4) in vegetative time of growing . Than you will have to add fertilizers to continue growing in to flower stage so plants can bud and produce .

Hey Yoshi, hows it growing. Havent talked in a while. I have a question for you, if you can answer would be great. I bought an TDS EZ water tester for my grow, Tap mater is registering 166-170 on my meter. Do you think this is why my plants are rusting and spotty? Is this reading in the realm of best water to use or should I use my water from my filtered fridge which is 150 ish or try something else.
Thanks buddy for your help.

This ppm reading depending on your plants age , you need to ph the water properly for the age or stage your plants are growing . What you are reading from that tester is ppm which is TDS ( parts per million ) of what’s in the sourcebof water . To answer your question ? "YES , your fridge water would be better , but it still has to be PH’d between 5.8-6.2 which is not to acidic , nor to alkalined . Ph and PPM or completely different , but any spring water , Reversed Osmosis water (RO) or even rain water is what I’d prefer to used , but you have to Ph the water from 5.8 -6.2 in coco coir , or hydroponic system , and 6.0 -6.5 in soil medium for growing . Your TDS reading from week one of growth as seedling should be around 400 TDS or no higher than 800 TDS , unless you are in flower , your TDS reading should be anywhere from 800 to 1200 until the last two weeks of flowering , than 1300 , and finish at 1500 max than flush for harvest , hope this make sense .

thanks man , so I should water next time with ph up? cause it seems low

What is your ph now ?

Heres where I get confused, soil PH is at between 6-7. Using ocean forest soil this time around with issues all over the place. Booster not working well. in flowering now with approx 2 weeks before done, so next grow I want to be sure of what water nutes to use

Aim for 6.5 pH in soil

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thanks, I am ok then

You say issues,??? do you have picts ??? Still worth a thousand words …:slightly_smiling:

My thoughts are; Do not be afraid of hydro. With hydro, you know exactly what the plant is getting.

If you are using MG soil with fertilizer, then Yes; I believe that the MJ Booster will be all you need to finish.

I am using Booster as an additive, along with DutchMaster Advance A+B, Silica, and Zone. I use it as an additive, replacing Max Bloom by DurchMaster.

I do not think I would use MJ Booster as a stand alone in Hydro but some have.

Whenb I tested mJ Booster the 1st time; I felt tha ppm was too low to be a stand alone nutrient. It is however a great additive you can use to bolster your grow from veg to finish.

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what does the MJ Booster have that all the others are lacking, many of the nutes talked about in this forum are very high end quality . what is the mj booster adding . or is it an ancient druid secret of Roberts lol ??

Well Hammer,

After all this is Roberts fourm and so ya they are and or members will push his product first. But we do speak of other nutrient products.
I use Roberts nutrients along with Advance Nutrients p H Perfect.
So I hope I answered your question.
Anyone else please jump in.


Many commercial nutrients are made a little more general, for all kinds of plants and vegetables that someone might grow.

Marijuana Booster is specifically made with cannabis in mind and it is made from an experienced formula used by many of the best growers for the Amsterdam cannabis coffee shops.


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lolnot quite what i ment lmao

cool just meant was it a ratio pacific nutes or a additive pacific ,having trouble wording this . i currently use both parts coinsure a&b grow&bloom . piranha, tarantula .for microbes then use bud candy ,big bud, factor X a little of B-52 . With all this, where is to much?? Could i use less of these .and use Roberts. … Over all of my time i could almost fill a pallet sq with single samples of different nutes , . wheres the advantage . sincerely picking your brain, ha

It’s really up to you to figure. Out whats best for you. To me less is best. I have tried many different nutrients and what I use know works best for me and my girls. I use Roberts nutrients all three and Advance Nutrients bloom , Micro, Bud Candy


is there an out let in the us , for Roberts i mean . i live in AK shipping can be a slow pain in the but at times . its one of the reasons i asked . the less is more theory, ha ha . and i use well water .last test 750 ppm . looking at some sort of RO system soon …but have many Questions about RO

No…less is fact my friend. I ment…starting feeding Schedule with less and working up. And when you switch from grow to flower start out by useing one quarter of flower and keep adding 1/4 and replacing the grow by 1/4 untill your at full strength.
Thats what I ment. Sorry for any confusion. And I use rain water. And no you order Roberts directly from him.
I lived in Anchorage in 1980 thru 84