Is Bergmans flower food complete all the way to harvest

Is bergmans food complete I have the schedule from a post no epsom, trace etc?

I add tribus and silica with it but that’s it. I use signal because I can’t find the booster but would use it instead of signal. Here’s another thread too.

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Thank you much grief avoided

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I recently looked in the shop and was able to kits andsuch, but I did not see the availability of the single large bags.


I have used the entire line and had several successful grows. The key to this nutrient package is that it is so easy to use, dissolves instantly, and I have never had a deficiency using Bergman’s.

The is some versatility built in to modify the suggested formula, once you get the hang of manipulating N-P-K, etc.

Budz added my original breakdown of Bergman’s Flower Power Nutrients, just above. Hope we helped. :slight_smile:


always do thanks

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