Is Beastie Bloomz a wise choice?

I was told about this super boost today called beastie bloomz 0-50-30 . Sounds good but i’m very nervous on trying it. Any thoughts? Thanks

I use it every grow. Start with open sesame, then to beastie blooms and then to cha Ching. Beastie blooms is typically only used for week 3 and week 4 of flower


i used beastie bloomz. Each plant got it twice at a reduced amount so I basically have a 90% full container of it :rofl:

This exactly what I do…great results, at least so far as I know. LOL


Thanks for the comments. My son and I bought the 6oz jar between us so Im going to wait and let him experiment first lol, he’s really anxious to give it a try… We are seriously considering the cha ching as well as its nearing the 3rd week of 12 -12 . So for weeks 3 and 4 do u only use it once a week and thats it. How much would be a good mix and safe mix?

Can you share your feeding schedule for these? And do u sprinkle on the soil or mix it in water?

I mix in water. They are the ones in the blue on this chart.

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So you stick to this schedule? Even tho it only has a 4 week veg phase, then flush then straight to 12/12?

Also do you use everything listed or just the trio and the bottom 3?

I used to use the top three and the bottom three. I use different main nutrients now but also include the open sesame, beastie blooms and chaching at the amounts and weeks listed on the schedule

If you veg longer than 4 weeks, you just stay on week 4 until you flip to 12/12

And u stay at that amou t as well?

I don’t use the trio anymore but yes. Extend week 4 amounts. Grow Big packs quite a wallop.

Yeah, I use 1/4tsp per gallon of water.