Is autoflowering or female better


is female or [spoiler]male better.[/spoiler]not sure what is better


Female, produces flowers with a lot more THC.

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Auto’s flower in a certain number of days not controlled by hours of sunlight like feminized. Auto’s are normally smaller because of shot time to mature 65-70 days or so where as feminized will vegetate until light cycle reaches 12 hours of darkness. Autos have smaller yields than feminized

It’s not autos or feminized, it’s autos or photoperiod plants. :grinning: Both types can be feminized, female, or male, though autos you see for sale are typically feminized.

Photoperiod plants can be vegged just about indefinitely, need a 12/12 dark cycle to bloom, and once in bloom can take 8-16 weeks to ripen. Photoperiod plants are more suitable for high stress training than autos. They also tend to be more forgiving of mistakes.

Autos don’t depend on a particular dark cycle to bloom. Typically, flowering will begin at 3-5 weeks. From germination to harvest, they tend to take 9-16 weeks, total. Since they grow on such a strict timeline, high stress training is only recommended for experienced growers; low stress training works well. Too much stress can cause stunting, b/x autos don’t have a lot of time to recover from problems.

Depending on the strain, lights, nutes, and skill, autos are as potent as photoperiod plants & can yield 1-6+ ounces per plant…if treated well.