Is anyone using promix, Jack's and Orca

A small commercial grower friend highly recommended using Orca nutes with promix. I plan on using Jack’s A and B with epsom salts. Wondering if anyone uses this combo?

I just switched 2 weeks before flipping to flower. Same recipe all the way through. Doing well. This is my current progress. Anyone can follow my journal can see how they finish good or bad… I’m sure it’ll be more good though.


Using orca as well?

No Orca. Not familiar with that one. Is that similar to Mammoth P or Tribus?

I think so. Full of micro nutes that help promix et al with the mycorhyze (blew that spelling :sweat_smile::rofl:) to not only help it do what it’s supposed to do but added microbes that eat left over nutes so you dont end up with nute burn. Not cheap but a little goes a long ways. My buddy swears by it they easily noticed bigger fatter harder buds he says.

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I firmly believe that any beneficial bacteria added to soil or any other medium is vital for excellent results.

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@Covertgrower will you tag me in your journal. I tried but guess I’m not using correct search criteria lol n ty

Orca would be your bennies, similar to running great white. It should do fine, I use tribus with the jacks.


Orca is basically the hydro version of great white, no?

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Could be. I was just told it’s great for everything. Lol

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@Covertgrower (congrats by the way) I found this while doing a little research about using AN Voodoo Juice and Piranha to add beneficial bacteria and fungi respectively to my regime. It is the ingredient label from Orca (same folks that bring you great white)

Kdawg I guess you can call Orca a soil additive and root enhancer and not a nutrient per se.


Thanks @beardless appreciate that. Thanks for posting the ingredients. Looking at that, it’s comparable to any other beneficial bacteria component.

I agree. Gotta do a bit more research. Now deciding between ORCA and TRIBUS . Both sound great. One thing I liked that I was told about orca is it has bacteria that basically eats excess nutes to help prevent nute burn. However i was using ff across the board so excess was a concern. Not using ff this time so not as concerned. On the other hand tribus does some good that orca doesn’t. Just need to reassess my needs now. In any case these bennies sound like just what the doctor ordered! :+1::sunglasses::100::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v: @beardless

You need to be a microbiologist to figure some of this stuff out. I wish I could ask my sister-in-law which one is best since that is what her doctoral degree is in and is a college professor.

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You got that right! Just read one study where voodoo juice came out on top. Makes me wonder how much may be sales hype lol. Think I’m leaning towards tribus so far. Seems I read it contains nematodes which I sure could use plus they keep it more basic.

What role does silicone and folic acid play? Watched a Jack’s video and the guy adds folic once a month. He also prefers tribus and I keep running across sillica

I use Great White and growth hormone when transplanting. Just placed an order for Voodoo Juice and Piranha - that stuff is expensive. While looking around for alternatives, may have come across the same “study”. Growmeduniv… a couple efficacy reports comparing various products to adv nutrient products.
@dbrn32 recommendation / use of tribus would be good enough for me.


Yes that’s the same study. Someone here I trust uses clonex solution all the way through. Clonex says it helps to prevent transplant shock. I got some so going with it.

GDP seedlings at 17 days old 4th set of leafs. Jack’s 3 and 2 finally arriving today. Using promix bx. Had to feed them 1/4 dose of ff nutes once. Still not watering till runoff so I poked a hole in a 17oz water bottle lid to make it easier to water and feed without getting water on the leafs. Do I need to start Jack’s at a 1/4 dose or is 1/2 dose or more ok? Dosing 1/4 using grams for a 17oz bottle sounds tricky lol. @Covertgrower @beardless

Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.2g of Epsom salt

Full dose.

You can keep nutrients around, just recommend to check ph before each use.