Is anyone familiar with Jinxproof Genetics?

Currently growing some Sativa Scream from them, have a couple more strains for the next couple grows…
Go Time (i think…)
9 Alarm

can anyone tell me anything about the lab/company or the strains BESIDES the minimal information they give on the website?

I figured i would be better off asking someone here

He worked under subcool back in the day before going on his own. Old TGA avenger dude. He is the father of 9pound hammer, that’s probably is claim to fame. He also was the dad to mother tongue a watermelon kush released under TGA. Local seattle guy. Great genetics. Cool dude, he is a community role model and donates $ from seed packs for autism awareness. Buy laptops and stuff for kids at children’s hospital.


Have you noticed that so many breeders with great reputations don’t say shit on their description packs. Like wtf? You expect me to spend 150$ on some seeds and you don’t have anything more to say about it than it’s lineage. Sorry. End rant.

I wanted to thank Rasta Jeff and the essay he puts on his seed packs. Much appreciated by this grower.


thats all pretty legit, i have tried his 9 lb hammer before and so thats why i ended up purchasing these seeds from him that i am growing currently, Sativa Scream. Supposedly a cross between Sativa Moms and Mothertongue, which would explain a few things if he is the father of mother tongue as well. Thats pretty legit, its nice to know that i am not supporting some asshole conglomerate or anything…

And yes i have noticed that reputable sources have minimal info, and i wonder if that is somewhat intentional, or if its just “the way things have always been” kinda thing…