Is an hlg scorpion rspec too much for a 4x4

Looking to upgrade my setupwas thinking about
Mars hydro 4x4 tent
Ac infinity t6 w/carbon filter
Hlg scorpion rspec 600
12" hurricane fan
2 4" fans
Exhale c02 bag
Was wondering if the light would be too much? Thanks for any help

It definitely could be but if you manage your light power on the dimmer you’ll be fine. You just may not be able to go full blast.

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I run that light in a 4X4 . . . perfect in my opinion. As mentioned, no need to run it at 100%.This is my first light I’ve ever had where heat wasn’t an issue.


So what would you recommend running it at? Like 50% at veg and maybe like 80 at flower?

I veg in a different setup . . . 80% is pretty much spot on for me at 18" above the canopy in flower.