Is all going well?

question from a fellow grower:

im growing 3 og kush (royal queen seeds) in scrog, they growing in coco with advance nutrients line.
they were veg for about 6 weeks and went into flower 4
weeks ago, the problem is…i switch the light almost 4 week
ago(starting week 5) and just now the pistils showig up.
its important to say the plants looks amazig, all the
screen is allready full and horizontally! beautiful green leaves, no
signs of any deficiencies, the distance from the bulb is great (osram 600 w, 16 inch from canopy) and the temprature and humidity as well!

so… dont you think there is problem?? or maybe its just worries…
the flowering cycle start from when i switched the light ? or when the pistils start to showing up…??

Pictures do help and usually first pre-flowers show up within a week to 10 days

This is some pic…like i said, middle of week 5

they are flowering nicely I suspect you are going to have to ignore time and simply watch them grow really there is no cut and dry timelines for flower when they are done they’re done it’s all case by case they are looking nice and healthy no point worrying about weeks since best buds come when unrushed.

everything can affect growth rates and flowering speeds from temperature humidity co2 strain you name it if the plants were put on 12/12 light cycle too young they would take more time to finish maturing if they were recently transplant prior same thing. Ignitor usually speeds flower but mostly is used to reduce plant stretch keeping nodes tight which makes for dense buds, Sativa dom plants can take longer than indicas so may be genetics alone so many factors everytime you stress the plants slows them too but 3 weeks to see preflowers isn’t unheard of would say another 8 weeks or more for harvest but will need to watch your trichromes as I am simply guessing

so wat u think everything going good with my plant when u think is time for transplant to another nd bigger container

@tola06 everything appears to be fine though you are high jacking someone else’s post when you have one dedicated to your assistance already? I understand the squeaky wheel gets the grease but there are 4-5 of us watching your topic already and you’d have got an answer there just as fast.


You have another 2-3 weeks before transplanting …shrubs shoulders !!!