Is adding nutrients necessary to grow a healthy plant?

Just curious to know what the difference in the amount of bud is if you don’t add any additional nutrients? and if there’s a noticeable difference in the potency or quality of the bud?

I can tell you what happened to mine. I did my 1st grow last year. I watered them only and to be truthful they looked kind of puny. they just started in to flowering stage. Then I found the ILGM site. Found me some FF nutes and the transformation of my plants was amazing. They went from small skinny to twice the size and colas 18 to 24 in long and as big around as a water bottle and very dense. So my opinion, yes they make a difference.


I just use flora a & b and terpinator and I like my buds. It’s all an experiment in the best way to grow for your own space and desires.

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You can grow a healthy plant without nutes but it won’t be as good and you won’t get as much of a yield than if you did use nutes. I go into with the mindset you get out what you put in. I would recommend getting nutes. There are plenty of nutrient lines out there that are affordable and will make your grow and harvest that much better.


Depends what you mean by adding nutriens.
Plant needs nutriens to thrive being it organic matter, compost , all kinds of manures and good drainage soil.
If you mean artificial coctails of created mixes with NPK and other chemicals, them my resolute answer is Not !
Once you feed the plant any of that stuff, you are opening pandora box to neverending feeding ,resolving deficiencies and excesses all the time, screwing up your PH and always measuring something.
I assume its fun and we all like to attend our girls often, but I just dont have the time…
I grow it like what it is …a weed !!!
But yes, plant needs nutriens…