Is adding extra Red light worth it?

Just wondering if worth trying to add, to help my light looks a little light compared to some others on the red side but new so?

2 things I”ve seen on Amazon just wondering New in first grow

Do you use the vipar now. It has red which is the 660nm also infrared - 770nm.

Yes using vipar xs 1500, so new put 3 seeds in water, all sprouted, all survived transplant, so have 3 6 weeks today, honestly thought would have killed at least 1. I also have a sf-1000 to add later bought spider farm kit I’m new 27,27,63. All money saving for a 4x4 getting crowed, will not have cash to get a GOOD light saving for a HLG light but that will Not be any time soon just wondering. Sorry a lot this is light spec of HLG light