Is a tent necessary?

I have a tent but I have it in a spare bedroom and I have no issues with people coming over, the small isn’t an issue either . Could I just use the room I have it in or I need to have plants in it if I can keep the room at the temp need plus humidity should I be fine without the tent ?

a tent just allows you to completely control the environment…temps, humidity, light schedule, etc… using a room opens you to more unpredictable…
but you do not “need” a tent as long as you are okay with controlling the room…and understand that if your cat rips the tin foil off the window while you are in dark cycle…it may ruin your harvest

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Got me there lol

What you have will work just find ans after a while you might build one better !!!

If I had a room like that I wouldn’t be using a tent. I would buy more lights and set the whole room up for a grow op.

I would however, seperate this room by using some type of wall, and have both a flower side and veg side. Just my opinion though :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I have a smaller tent 3x3 and had considered just using the room the tent was set up in but the things I considered was smell , lighting which is much much cheaper to set up in a smaller grow space reflection of light as when I checked best done by a flat snow white paint or a surface like the Mylar on a tent and from your comment it sounds like you may have a pet or two it isn’t difficult to pick pet hair out of your buds it is almost impossible . Also you need to supply your plants with Co2 which will be a lot easier in a tent than a whole room I use one of the fungus bags to produce Co2 in my tent and it gives off plenty . It kind of comes down to a personal preference and how big you want your grow the bigger the Grow the more smell you have I live in a state where it is illegal so I have to be careful about what my neighbors can smell the tent with a exhaust fan and carbon filter keeps my room almost completely smell free . Good luck with your venture and keep us posted . The people on this forum have been extremely helpful to me getting started also download the Grow Bible it is free on here and has a ton of great information.

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I have to agree with the issue of light dispersion. Unless you can afford enough lighting for the entire room, I would stick with the tent. That will concentrate the light where you need it with less effort.

My thoughts excatly

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I appreciate all the input , until I can separate the room for flower and veg and get a few more lights I will keep growing in the tent

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you want a tent going into flower or you may catch hair and foreign matter on your sticky buds. I’m having to figure out a way to filter my incoming air since I’m growing in a small room. I’m tired of having to pick hair out of my weed.