Is A Six 6.6 Gallon DWC System Suitable For A Good Grow?

Hi Everyone! I’m new to growing but first off let me just say that I know all the different growing methods out there, and I’m firmly set on a DWC.

I’m just unsure as to if a 6.6 Gallon size bucket is a good size though? Can anyone help me out with this please? Also I want to purchase the one from ,it comes with a full set up with a 5x5 size grow room tent. I’m hoping someone if familiar with this or can go on the website and can find it to give me the relevant information as you would probably be more knowledgeable than me as I am new to DWC. That, and I also live in Oz and it would almost cost me double to buy it all in my country’s dollar as it’s worth less then the USD.

Thanks heaps guys for reading my questions and I look forward to hearing from you all!!
Happy growing Y’all​:v::fire::v:

Maybe @kettle might be able to help… :thinking:


Thanks heaps for tagging him to see if he can help out Peachfuzz, appreciate it heaps and hopefully he can as I’ve been pondering on this for a while now lol, all sweet if his unsure tho :sunglasses::fire::v:

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6 gallons is woefully inadequate for a 5x5 tent full of DWC plants.

I would avoid that site. You can save a lot of money and get a system that works much better than their offerings by building it yourself. It won’t even be harder than assembling the kits they sell.

I’ve found food processing companies that give away their containers. I have 3 50 gallon food-grade barrels that were free. Plastic totes are also very affordable.

I don’t know if you mean DWC or if you’re open to RDWC. You mentioned you’re familiar with other methods and disinterested in them, but keep in mind that DWC reservoir maintenance can be hard to keep up with as you scale. It’s just a lot of water. Locating your tent accordingly can be huge. How many plants are you going to have, because that determines the number of reservoirs you’ll need in DWC?


Hi KeyStoneCops, thanks for your reply on this topic! There will be six 6.6 Gallon DWC Buckets in the System, and I am planing to get an extension kit for the gorilla grow tent as well, So the size of the tent originally would be 5x5 and then an extra 2ft on top of that depending if I should add it to the length of the tent or for the height of the tent. Do you think this would work with the extension kit well? And I’m keen on DWC :grin::v::sunglasses:

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im the same as most and recommend the diy route, Bunnings sells 100 &70 litre grey and green totes for 20$. then a couple of bulkheads (sold at Bunnings too) and a few holes and you have a better system then u can buy, and shiteloads cheaper… :smile:

there are plenty of diy systems on youtube I’m sure, I will have a look what would be the best, to base it off, im just crazy busy over the next couple of days, I have to cut down one of my systems, but ill tag u on my grow where I have built all of mine…:smile: and ill take a few photos… :smile: got a bit of driving to do first… :smile:

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